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5 Ways To Take Better Care Of Wool Carpets

Posted on October 13, 2022

1. Vacuuming

A good place to start with all carpet care is with regular vacuuming. This helps to pick up the dry particles in your carpet. Even though wet substances can lead to more damage to carpeting, there are plenty of allergens and irritants you will be happy not to be living with.

Your vacuum should have a few settings, and you want to make sure to choose one of the lower ones for wool carpets with long fibers. It should be the setting furthest away from what you use to clean hardwood floors. With too much pressure and quick bristle rotation, you can end up jamming your vacuum and even ruining your rug.

2. Shaking & Beating 

Because dirt can become trapped in wool to the point where a vacuum does very little to remove dust and debris, you might benefit from taking the floor cover outside and showing it who’s boss. Be vigorous and through with beating, but try not to be cruel.

Using a carpet beater or vigorously shaking your floor covering outside may not always be an option. For wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs resting beneath heavy furniture, it becomes too much of an ordeal to try and clean out wool this way.

3. Proper Placement

Wool is a great fabric, but it has its limitations. It can give a very cozy and friendly vibe, but it has some properties that make it a less than ideal choice for certain locations within a building. Firstly, it should be indoors. Wool is not not ideal for outdoor spaces.

The absorbency of wool also makes it a bit problematic as a kitchen or bathroom carpet/rug. We will get a bit more into this in the next section, but it is a good idea to keep wool carpets in living rooms and dens. Communal places that are meant to be inviting.

4. Keep Them Dry

Because wool is naturally very absorbent, it is going to hold water. This increases the risk of mold and fungus growth. (As water is a necessary ingredient.) We have already mentioned that you would not want to palace a wool rug in a moisture-rich environment, but carpets get wet in other ways as well.

You can have a ‘no drink’ policy for rooms with wool carpets or be very vigilant about beverage use. If you are handling your carpet cleaning yourself, you are going to use a liquid. And the overuse of moisture can be very bad for a wool carpet.

5. Professional Carpet Care

One of the best ways to extend the life of any fabric is to have it professionally cleaned and cared for. This can limit moisture exposure as well as protect the dye/color. You can call for professional carpet cleaning and be sure that your wool carpet is well taken care of.

If you need carpet cleaning in South Central, let Angel know. We can take care of emergency situations or schedule regular maintenance cleaning. Whatever your carpet needs, we can deliver it with the highest level of care and quality.

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