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Eliminate Harmful And Offensive Odors The Right Way

Posted on December 8, 2022

A smell is a sign of a deeper issue. If you leave the smell to dissipate, you are allowing whatever the source of the odor is to fester and set. This is a bad idea, as your sensitivity to a scent is almost always an evolutionary response to warn you that something about the environment is polluted to the point of being harmful.

You might need more than carpet cleaning to solve your issue, but you are certainly not going to be able to eliminate the odor with the basic methods most people use when there is a bad smell. Take a look at some of our advice for getting rid of offensive and harmful odors.

Do Not Mask The Smell

One of the first instincts people have for dealing with odors is to spray some sort of aerosolized fragrance. Despite what the computer-generated imagery in the commercials selling these products may lead you to believe, they are not capturing and containing the molecules of the odor-causing substance.

All a fragrance is going to do is provide a scent that competes with the undesirable smell. This is the equivalent of people in the middle ages wearing perfume instead of bathing. If your bed stinks, wash your sheets and hire a mattress cleaning service, don’t just cover up the smell.

Do Not Rely On Disinfectants

If masking the smell with a fragrance is not good enough, then it would only make sense that a disinfectant would solve the olfactory dilemma. It could, in certain situations, but it is not a catch-all solution. For example, it will get rid of mold and fungal spores that are stinking up the place but do little against waste and rot smells.

When you call for professional cleaning, they are likely going to use a disinfectant, but it will not be the only thing they do to address an odor-related problem. A disinfectant will almost always be accompanied by some type of additional cleaning method.

Proper Cleaning & Deodorizing

One of the best ways to do away with undesirable substances built up on household surfaces is with steam cleaning. Heat and pressure are enough to clean most messes, especially if they are the result of standard accumulations of impurities over time.

But steam cleaning services may not be enough for more severe odors caused by pet stains. Substances like stomach bile from vomit, ammonia from urine, or protein from feces will require deep cleaning. Most deep cleaning of fabric surfaces will include spot treatments, deodorizing, and shampooing.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to make sure whatever is causing that putrid odor is really gone, you need Angel Carpet Cleaning. Our technicians can clean a variety of different surfaces beyond just carpets. Whether it is your furniture upholstery that needs cleaning, a mattress, or even your tile, we have a cleaning solution for you.

Don’t delay your pressing cleaning needs a moment longer. A smell is an indication of an impurity. If the substance you are being exposed to has a scent, then whatever effects it gives off are also airborne and spreading throughout the living space. Eliminate these smells correctly and breathe easier!

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