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How To Get Hair Dye Out Of Bathroom Tiles

Posted on September 8, 2022

If you’ve dyed your hair, you know how hard it is to prevent it from getting everywhere. And when it gets in things, it can become impossible to remove.

This is usually good since you want it to stay in your hair. But it can lead to trouble when it touches things that it’s not supposed to. It can easily drip off into shower tiles or accidentally spill on the floor, and then you’re stuck with a tile cleaning problem that’s tricky to deal with. You may find it nearly impossible to remove after a while. So what do you do?

Several cleaning products and techniques can help remove hair dye from your South Central bathroom tile and grout. You can try each of them and see what works for you.

1. Standard Cleaning Products

If you haven’t tried some of these standard cleaning products, check if they might remove your dye. And remember to always test these products on an inconspicuous part of your tile, and ensure you fully understand how to clean with them. Otherwise, you might cause accidental damage.

Bleach is a common and effective cleaning product. Diluting one part bleach in ten parts water is generally the standard way to clean with bleach. Be careful, and ensure there’s nothing the bleach can react with. You can also try a standard bathroom cleaning product or other branded item, following the instructions on the product. Finally, hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with two parts baking soda for cleaning.

These products were designed with bathroom cleaning in mind and should work well against your South Central home’s tile stains. If they don’t, though, don’t worry – there are still other cleaning products to try.

2. Other Cleaning Products

You may have numerous other cleaning products lying around your South Central home that you can try out on your dye stains.

Dish soap can work surprisingly well in certain circumstances while being relatively safe and clean-smelling. As mentioned earlier, baking soda can be used with other products to boost cleaning power. Washing detergent is another cleaning product that may apply here.

Nail polish remover is less safe but more effective. Rubbing alcohol and paint thinner are similar.

Surprisingly enough, hair spray can work well in removing dye (although, if it works too well, keep that in mind the next time you try to spray your dyed hair).

As a whole, you have many options for cleaning products, so experiment a little (while also staying safe)!

3. Professional Tile Cleaners

If none of these products can remove your hair dye stains, try calling a professional cleaner. A professional has the tools and stain experience to know what to do. They understand messes well enough to problem solve better than someone without that experience.

Tile cleaning professionals also use vigorous machinery that can reach deep into a tile’s pores. This is much more effective than hand-scrubbing and may be able to eliminate stains that you can’t. Generally, if you have a mess you can’t get rid of, you’re better off calling a South Central Carpet Cleaning professional.

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