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How To Safely Keep A Nursery Clean

Posted on February 9, 2023

You need to keep your baby’s environment clean and comfortable, but babies are great at making a terrible mess of the place. Worse yet, some cleaning chemicals and techniques can harm your baby. Here’s how to clean your baby’s space as safely as possible from the experts here at Angel Carpet Cleaning in South Central.


First, vacuum thoroughly to get dust and bacteria out of your nursery. If your nursery has floors with a carpet or rug, it may be soft, but it can house a decent amount of carpet grime. This is fine as long as you vacuum weekly, preferably with your baby out of the room, so they don’t inhale the dust. Just know that this is not the most effective way for mattress cleaning

Disinfect Toys

“Disinfecting” is not a synonym for “cleaning” – it specifically refers to killing germs. Now, disinfectants can be very toxic, so get nontoxic disinfectant wipes before wiping down your baby’s toys every week. It’s hard to list which chemicals are harmful, so as a rule of thumb, avoid anything with the word “toxic” on the label. You can also use vinegar to play it safe.

Disinfect Changing Table

While you’re at it, disinfect your changing table as well. Once again, do this once a week, and be careful not to use toxic disinfectants. But also be sure not to stick to just water or something, as this won’t kill germs.

Do Laundry

Once a week, separate dirty clothes from really dirty clothes. First, clean the less dirty clothes, then wash the rest separately with hot water. This will prevent all of the worst bacteria from getting into the rest of your laundry. This goes for cloth diapers, although you should be washing those every few days.

Clean The Diaper Disposal

Speaking of diapers, make sure you have a solid diaper disposal system in place. Make sure there are no bacteria or smells leaking out of wherever the diapers are being stored, and take out the trash regularly.

Change Crib Bedding

Since your baby is sleeping in their crib, that’s where they’re exposed to the most bacteria (the same actually applies to your bed, too). That’s why it’s so important to keep it clean. Once a week (or as needed), change the crib’s bedding and throw it in the laundry. If the bedding gets overly soiled, clean it immediately with anything else that’s been heavily soiled. Don’t forget to use nontoxic detergent.

Steam Crib

Once every few months, or even once a year if you’re confident things are relatively clean, you should have a professional South Central steam cleaner clean your baby’s crib. Mattress steam cleaning in South Central uses very few chemicals (or even no chemicals at all), so it’s a safe way to deep clean a mattress. Just be sure to ask the cleaner whether or not they use non-toxic cleaning when you call someone in South Central.

Steam Rug

If your nursery has a carpet or a rug, you can also steam clean that. Steam cleaning in South Central gets the deep-set germs out that your vacuum can’t reach, making your nursery safer to breathe in. South Central steam cleaning is a great way to have reduced bacteria in your nursery.

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